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Originally Posted by hans kleingeld View Post
Hi Davide,

I really like how easy and smooth the Futura's are while being powered up. Does the iS80 have the same smooth characteristics like the Futura's? What I really like with the Fu's is the neutral reaction while surfing in strong and gusty winds. You just have to focus on having fun;-)
I only have experience with the Is-86 and it is a very easy board, easy to jibe, fast, stable. The Is-80 should be even easier to handle for a lightweight. Thing is that below a certain volume/width modern boards get quite easy to handle. Where things get hard for somebody of my size (72Kg x 172cm) and skill level is for widths above 64-65 and larger fins with big sails that generate a lot of leverage when overpowered. I have a Is-111, but I am not so sure that a Futura of equivalent footprint (say a Futura around the dimensions of the 122) would be much easier to handle.

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