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I totally agree with davide.

According to me, in the smaller range all boards of the same footprint start to look alike.
There's still big difference in the rocker lines between wave and speed oriented boards.
V, double concave, flat bottoms, etc ... are getting less important because they have less surface area to work on.

If SB would decide to create e.g. a FU80 it would get VERY similar to a IS80.

For me, the Kode was no option because of 2 reasons:
- I'm not really into waves
- I don't like US fin boxes.

Hans, don't be afraid of the IS80 or IS87. The IS87 really rocks !!
I'm 87kg and if I would choose now again I'd probably go for the IS80.
IS87 / IS101 / RRD114 / US147
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