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Default RE: Replacing a 105L Hyper

Hey... some very interesting and finely detailed discussions going on here. Good stuff. It's a very fine line between each perspective, and (strange enough) almost everyone above is correct in their own points.

In summary, one of the key differences remaining "open" is the choice of an ideal board (or quiver) for "slalom" c /w "speed" (in this case, GPS speed). Although basically the same thing, when it comes to the super fine levels of discussion here, we need to note (at least) 2 key factors : 1> Optimal "Slalom" board usually includes a higher % of choice weighting for range/accel/jibe/handling as well as potential (relative) upwind ability (esp in more marginal conditions for this board choice) - while with "speed" pretty much only Vmax (top end speed) potential counts and all other practical factors go back a long way in the ratings (noting in typical GPS speed use nothing counts as much as how fast in sheer top speed you can get that board going for 10 seconds) ...and 2> as GEM correctly identified, if speedchaser is using this (new) board in gusty, patchy (even if windy) inland lake conditions, then again the "optimal" choice can be (should be) correctly varied (from "typical" ) when considering variables down to the level of detail we are here.

Depending on your %focus on GPS speed (c/w lighter wind slalom racing - and note as opposed to lighter wind "slalom" B&F or drag racing, where accel and "upwind" matter less), I'd be siding more towards iS94 as geo and SteveC, BUT the weighting of GEM's point about speedchaser's gusty, patchy conditions can easily tip the very tight decision in favor if iS101.

Cheers ~ Ian

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