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I’ve sailed the Ultrasonic a couple of days now, and I use it mainly in <10 m/s winds with 9 sqm sail.

Three good things about the board:
• Lightning fast early planning – it just pops on to a plan
• Very nice balance and a smooth ride – you can push it hard or ride comfortable long distances
• Go for it – It eats chop - you just glide over!

For me this is an ultimate setup for winds around 7 m/s, it easily beats my old 155 Futura and 175 Formula. BTW the 175 was a killer board!

The supplied fin spins out when pushed, but with my Select S11 it’s no problem. I will try to sand the fin next time and see if it’s better, has worked before with Drakes.

It has a huge wind range and there is no problem with a 7,5 and winds < 13 m/s with a smaller fin, the width is no problem.

Very little volume in the front took some getting used to for a board this size. I’m over 100 kg and it sinks 10 - 20 centimeters if I have the foot in front of the mastfoot. But, it’s good training for a fat and slow 44 year old; soon I can dance around my better half with my quicksteps :-)

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