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Ian Fox
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Default RE: FT 138 warranty / Ian

Hi Duracell,

Yes, I did follow this up on your behalf and no, the previous decision on this complex warranty claim was not going to be reversed, and yes, I did inform you on that update (as with our discussion) using PM (which for most of seems to be working just fine).

In general the performance of the website is fine (now) and yes, there are a couple of funky buttons came up over the Christmas (vacation) intro of the Free Forum, which itself is a little bit more fun and yes, they will be fixed quick by the crew and no, most importantly, we do not practice product related censorship - and if you consider there is, the offer remains open (as unanswered from before) to provide some instance where you feel you have been. (most of our users insist that we reserve the right to remove indecent, racial or inappropriate content including flaming, trolling or spam posting ~ as with any decent forum worldwide. That itself is not a controversy - and in the interests of these forums and all users, should not be turned into one. It's very much our intent to let that one run as "Free" as possible for the fun of it. And see how it goes. So enjoy it)

Cheers ~ Ian

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