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What is it that you want to know about the Severne Super light??
The user friendly SUPer Light 6.5 sail at only 1.8kg is probably the lightest, yet most powerful foil ever designed in windsurfing. The light, short batten, high clew orientation is easy for uphauling and great for classic freestyle moves. With 40 years of simplification the sail provides that extra glide, especially in light winds, creating a certain stoke rarely seen in recent years.

This light wind specific sail is set to instill a sense of nostalgia amongst the more established windsurfer and a hassle free alternative to the paddling SUPer. It's light, maneuverable, non-rigging specific and is the perfect retro freestyle tool bringing color back to the water.

The SUPer Light has been built around non-planing fun although its application is not confined to any category and can be used from light wind freestyle to wave riding your SUP. It benefits from the ease of packing, where it can be packed into a small duffel bag without the risk of damaging the sail.

It can be rigged with an old or new 430cm or 460cm mast. The boom length is 195-200cm. 195cm for more power, 200cm for more control. SUPer Light - SUPer Fun.

2011 SUPer Light 5.5 5.5 430 cm 180 cm
2011 SUPer Light 6.5 6.5 460 cm 220 cm

What else can you say it is a 40 year old design used originaly by the Windsurfer Boards at the beggining of the windsurfing craze. Simple and easy to rig.

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