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Another lonely session yesterday, when a lot of boats were nasty running and devastating our nice "barenas".
Rigged when there were no more than 3 knots, but Serenity moved so promptly uphauling that I hit the left side of the stern of the boat; no damages luckly thanks to sportech construction, It was the correct choice.
First runs at a good quiet speed, with 9,5, that is heavier than 8,5 (HSM Stealths) and less easy to handle on Serenity,bad, but pushes more down the nose of the board, good.
When wind started to slightly "refresh" in the evening to some 6-7 knots, like on every sea town, I've made a run on the shallow water to reach S. Francis of the Desert (S. Francesco del Deserto) island, alone, speeding up, only birds flying around. Not to say that with the Serenity you can decide to go almost everywhere you want, as it (she?) can go upwind in a way that planing boards only dream. And believe me the sensation is not far from planing- Me, alone, no f*%&ing motor boats running, none of the humans devastating my beloved and heavily dangered lagoon. One of the best windsurf run of the season.
It seems to me impossible that a so different and superior lightwind board isn't the most talked about around! Sorry to see me updating more and more this post but this board is so exciting...
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