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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Carve 101 versus older Carve 111

Hi Vincent,

Considering your larger board, rider weight, and intended sail sizes for this new choice , the C101 would definitely be a more responsive and funner ride than the C111, which tends to be a size used more for lighter freeride or big guys "one size".

A wildcard option to consider is the Kombat 97, not quite as freeride efficent as the Carve101 and a little less bottom end and "upwind" ability, but in that sail range for your weight would be a super enjoyable B&J solution. (K97 one of the standouts in the 2007 range)

Re the older Forums and search results, yes, we have some issues onthat and will resolve ASAP. Please excuse any inconvenience while that is resolved.

Cheers ~ Ian
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