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Hi Andre,
You wrote:
"All I want is nice cruising on a lake nearby. I want early/easy planing and nice jibing. I am not sure this is the right board for me though. (but honestly I still am in love with the looks of the board LOL)"

While the Isonic 135 will indeed "cruise nicely" with your 8.4 m2, it's really a slalom race board.
"Cruising" is not it's best feature..... speed is it's best feature!
It will plane pretty early, but it may not be so easy to get it on plane in marginal conditions on
fresh water.
Nice jibing....... yes, if you already have the technique, or when you learn the technique.
Isonics are not "easy jibers".
I think a far better choice would be a Futura 133.
Nearly as fast as the Isonic 135, much easier to sail fast, very easy to jibe, but it may not look
so cool. Far better IMHO for "cruising" with an 8.4 m2 North S-Type.
Hope this helps,

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