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Default Extra Fins for F-Type 158

Grettings to all and Happy New Year.

I currently have an F-Type 158 with V8 9.8 for light wind sailing. I really enjoyed last season and increased my time on water.

However, I am thinking of buying a couple of fins to add to the standard Drake 64cm and extend the wind range of the board. My weight is 100Kg and I am looking for a fin to really work best in the lightest of winds (70 or bigger) , and another one for stronger winds (52-56cm).

My focus is not on racing performance (points high angles etc) just early planning and easy performane on a straight line.

Q1. What would you propose? I read that the R19 is soft and thus, the one for light wind choice, but would that be OK for someone who is not a pro?

Q2. What is the S or M initials next to the R# name of the fins?

Q3. What is the effect of fin rake on the sailing?

Q4. What are the characteristics of the supplied Drake 64cm (soft, stiff etc)? What is its equivalent on the Decoichet line?

Thanks in advance,

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