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Don't give up Niccolò, money problems are common at you're age, but I wish I had it, instead I've got (not much) more money but also spinal problems and 43...
What's yuor favourite spot? Bracciano Lake? Fregene, Anzio, Campo di Mare? It sounds a little strange you have problems of shallow waters there, as Tirrenian Sea is know for deeper waters compared to my muddy lagoon.
BTW, I'm 90 kg and with my old 125 litres board and 6,5 I was using the stock 40 cm fin or 36-38. so for your weight and a 6,2 peraphs a smaller fin would be better, sure way smaller with the 5,0 sqm sail; but imho at least with the 6,2 you can go on also with the fin you have if you correct your stance. But in my experience a fin bigger than needed causes tail-walking (not few times it happened to me as I'm a big-fins maniac...), but it doesn't push the board upwind, imho. Sure to not push too much on board edge when planing? Anyway the best thing is to ask some older rider to watch you riding, they will for sure understand where is the problem.

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