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I try not to discuss boards that I have no experience with.
I've read all there is on the new Rio XL and there are a couple of things I'm afraid I do
not think will make it the universal "SUP"/Beginner Windsurfing board as advertised.
With "flat rocker" it may glide well as a SUP, but how well will it rail steer when used as
a sailboard.
It's pretty narrow (@ 82.5 cm) compared to a Start, so 1st time beginners are going to have
a challenge with getting balanced just like the old style longboards.
I could be very wrong here, but I have a very good success rate with absolute beginners (95% are sailing across the wind, on their own, not getting downwinded in < 20 minutes) the wide '02 &'03 Starts for the students very first time on the water.
After their first 20 minutes, most can transition to a Rio (less wide) as they will have picked up the balance on the Start. Many of them never fall in the water on their first lesson.
So, I really cannot tell you anything about the Rio XL beyond that it's going to be a compromise between
being a good SUP board (with a sail) and a beginner windsurfing board.How good this compromise is, I cannot tell you as I've never sailed the Rio XL.
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