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Talamone is the spot where I sailed at lest 50 times in the summer of last 10 years. It's a nice flat water spot with common NW, some waves with rare SW. Yes first 50 metres are of shallow water, stay on the middle and avoid the big rocks covered of seaweed on the left-south, or the super shallow water nier the pier of the camping on the right-north.
But as it is a U shaped bay then you can sefely run untill the bay exit, also in the fatastic deep blue see if you're not alone and you're parents do agree. No necessary to come back every time in the shallow water zone, where you can also hit some bathers even if swimmhing is unallowed there (I know there are some changes know but 2009 was last time I went there).
Enjoy your summer in Talamone, what a nostalgia...
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