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Originally Posted by docgr View Post

I'm 177 for 73 kg, the sail I use is a NP RSR 7.8

mast track is 2,5 cm on the back, front strap all in the back, rear strap in the middle.

The stance is good for me, but maybe 'all' is a little too on the back ... I feel the board too sticky in the water. Using the mast track a little forward causes the sail to touch the water closing the gap.

Anyone who wants to share is trim (for a light weight surfer)?



On the 107 I use the mast track on recommended, the fin I use is a Vector fin Canefire 40cm and the 7.6m MauiSails TR-7. The board is flying perfectly and one of my fastest set up so far this season.
Footstarps on the board are both front and back all the way back and I am 73kg. Boom about eye level.
I think the fin is the trick here.

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