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Default Can you freestyle with a Carve?


I'm doubting about going to freestyle or going to freeride-slalom-race. So because of that I thought of a Starboard Carve 101.

I'm 60 kg and a progressive beginner (began in august 06). I can beachstart, plane in the footstraps and hooked, tack, low wind (non-planing) jibe and I'm working on my jibe when I'm planing. I use a G0 139 '06 and a 4.7 Loft Lip Wave 5.5 and np solo. In a while I will buy a Loft O2 Freeride 6.6 sail with RDM.

Do you think the carve 101 l. is a good idea for me? When I would like to try some freestyle, is this possible on a Carve? Is there a Carve from another building year that would be better for "freemove"? When I use a freestyle fin with a Carve, what could I do with this combination? Would the difference between the 2006 and 2007 be sensible for me, as a progressive beginner?

All other advices are welcome of course
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