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Forgot one thing.
What about the weight of rdm extensions??? I mean human-priced alloy type. The first time I got one I couldn't believe at it, 2x times than a sdm extension? And 2 time the price! I mean I've bought 4 rdm externsions, two common Ascan from Deutscheland, cheap and strong, but also a Chinook (something to complain about it), and a famous french one i don't remember
Standard: they are not. All 4 extensions are not snug fit in my Fiberspar, someone told me its because does exist a even smaller version, the super-rdm that is 2 mm less in inner diameter. I tried to solve the problem with a sheet of plastic, but the shorebreak of Rømø glued the nasty end cap of the Chinook inside, hard work to solve the problem..Never had similar problems with even old and weird sdm extensions
No debate that at least with wave mast rdm is the future, but I think that 20+ years of developement in SDMs were not useless, so RDMs need to still work on them, don't you agree?

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