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My first line was

"I`ve no doubt SDM are tougher and perfectly OK on some sails (ie the ones designed for them) but I`ve given up on them"

My observations are neither based on one mast or one set of sails but they are my observations !

Perhaps you should do some training; put on some weight and see if your observations on mine are justified !!!

A sailor at 70k can not comment on a sailors observations at 105 k and vice versa re over powered/stability. Your comments re flexible mast been more stable are simply wrong..

Flexible mast will twist off earlier to depower rig which is completely different to making sail stable ; your sails would be depowering too early for me which is exactly what is happening when I rig up on RDM.

Think about it Davide; when I`m sailing just normally powered up the sail is already operating at levels you would sense as overpowered !!!(It is nothing to do with ability/skil or anything itis just plain physics/weight.

The point is FOR ME RDM masts on the sails I am using are too flexible.

There has been a lot of market manipulation getting sailors to convert over to RDM. For some it is both a retrograde and expensive one.

Have you done any back to back testing recording boardspeed and windspeed with your sails on RDM and SDM ???? I have.

You stick to RDM (you can buy mine) and I`ll stick to SDM.

And my comment was relevant to original posters findings.
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