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Trouble in Uk is there is just enough windy days for sailors to ba attracted away from Formula/Competitions but not enough to reliably organise high wind events !!

I remember organising events years ago; we`d have plenty sign up (and pay) wind would pick up and sailors would sod off elsewhere !!! Even witnessed it happen at West Kirby, at a speed event. Wind was building up nicely;I thought great we are in for a good event. Somebody phoned Rhosneigre and reported big swell ; cross shore F5. Within 30 mins car park was nearly empty !!! (I joined them for a brilliant day to be honest)

Then we`d have the opposite. ie no wind.. How do you organise any type of racing for 3 kts gusting 4 !!!

Its neither one thing or other in UK but its probably windiest country in Europe (apart from Canaries?) but there is neither pattern or predictability in its strength !!! Rewards those that can sail with a days notice; hence predominance of free sailing in all its guises .

My take on things anyhow !!!
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