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Ian Fox
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Hi 909,

Considering that you will pick this board up for a bargain price, it will turnout to be a very good buy for 80kg/Maui/5.5-6.5m fille din conditions, especially in the role of a daily workhorse (or dare we say "hack") board.

In summary, the 03 S85 can be very fast (it's tested very well against the fastest boards we had at the time from KP/PMcG etc ) and it is easy to ride (bulletproof) in chop with a bevel rail forward. The ride is slightly harsh (but, hey, it's a no compromise race design, so....) and to get the very best out of the board some people might consider it a bit technical (esp at hi speed in choppy conditions) by today's standards (which won't bother an experienced or dedicated racer).

As per that other discussion, while the overall width of 03 S85 is not that narrow, the general ride is slightly longer/narrower than the newer designs of similar overall width/volume. No big deal, but easily noticed.

Enjoy it.

Cheers ~ Ian
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