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Thanks for the very polite answer (can't see myself "lightweight" with my 60 kg's but now that you can't see me, "girl" sounds so lovely for a bit older lady like me :-))

What you said about the back foot is so true; I didn't even remember that I have two legs when concentrating on the front strap. Next time less screaming and more control (I have to add that word to my windsurfing dictionary).

I was told to put my both feet into the straps before harness but with my skills I have to hook on the harness first, otherwise I can't get speed enough and then with a slight panic (catapult in mind) get my foot into the strap.

One more question: do you think it's easier for me to learn with that 48 cm fin than 42 fin? Is it more demanding with smaller 42 cm fin? Or do you mean that 42 cm fin is still "big" and more advanced could go for even a smaller fin? I'd like to get the combination that is the easiest to handle. I don't mind if the big fin makes my ride slower. Like you said, my goal is the control - not the speed :-)

I'd really appreciate if you had patience to answer these questions :-)
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