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It can be a bit gusty and variable here too but generally not to bad. I have now ordered the Pryde 8.7, I really did want to get one of those Turbo's but the dealer network here in the UK is very poor with no official importer so I could be waiting a long time whereas the Pryde will be here tomorrow. I already owned an 490 X9 so I suppose it made sense. The other downside to the Severnes is the fact that the built in pulley is the other way around to most other makes and doesn't work with my North shox extension so you have to buy the dedicated Severne extension and thread it through four pulleys which is time consuming (if anyone from Severne is reading this take note!).

My Enigma 210-260 boom has just turned up and what a piece or kit. So light yet so strong, can't wait to try it.
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