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I dont think you can call it ! All manufacturers at some stage in their history seem capable of making an exceptional board. Over years lots have done so.
Years ago I was staggered when I first tried a BIC Astro Rock;the Mistral Screamer (first edition);the F2 Sunset Slalom then later when I tried a Starboard Carve( and the Evo).
Manufacturers build their reputations on these iconic boards but rarely seem to be able to recreate that feeling/success of every new board.What annoys me a little with SB is that they claim every new board they make to be THE ONE. .
The hullabula with the S type (a disappointment ) The Kode (not as good as made out to be) The Futura (Well sort of OK but its not a Carve is it?) All decent boards but ... you know what I mean

But IMHO Fanatic managed it. The Hawk was for me just amazing.Perfect.

So it ebbs and flows between manufacturers.And that can only be good for us all.

Whose turn is it next ???

The next revelation;the next step forward ??? But its an individual choice . My mate doesnt like my Hawk !!!! Couldnt believe it !!!

F2 ? Mistral ? Fanatic? Starboard ?? Who knows?

Suspect they are all built by Cobra anyhow ??!!!
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