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Hi guys,
Sailed the serenity a couple of times now on Queen Mary Reservoir in the UK in 0-5knots and 4-10knots with an rs10.7m
(probably too big but was sailing formula earlier).
a) beautiful board. Doesn't look so big when you are on the water.
b) really fast. Surprisingly fast in glassy 1 knot conditions with zero sound. I have no doubt this is the fastest board in the light.
c) The serenity planes in a strange way in more wind and surprisingly quickly. It is very responsive to board angle.
d) I was racing some rs700 dingy's on the stronger day and upwind was pointing about the same and doing about the same speed. Serenity rails really well and is very responsive. In the stronger breeze the fin provides so much lift that at one point i completely rolled the board upside down! Easily compensated by flattening off the board.
e) Tacking can be quick if you rail upwind past head to wind and are agressive leaning the board to windward when bearing away. Downwind speed compared to the boats was more difficult to measure as the boats sailed much deeper. In the lighter winds the boats were quicker but when the serenity planed, it was quicker.
f) Gybing remains difficult. I find that as long as the sail pivots about itself so that the weight is always neutral gybing is ok. The main problem i had was that my footwork was rolling the board in the oposite direction thereby counteracting my turn. I think we just need to be very careful about stepping on the centreline.

This board was fantastic fun in conditions i would normally have packed up and gone home. I could see myself having summer cruising sessions or racing on it. Shame there aren't more of these about.

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