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Hi Unreg,
Perhaps what Nakaniko is suggesting is that you find a windsurfing school and take a few lessons.
Windsurfing appears to be like other sports..... easy to pick up the basics, but it is perhaps the most
"non-intuitive" sport there is.
A few lessons, at a good WS school, on a wide board will be money well spent.
They will teach you the basics, and with your ability to pick things up quickly and your good balance, you will be on your way to more advanced skills and boards very quickly.
If you try to teach yourself, you may become so frustrated with WS that you ultimately get discouraged and give up.
A school will get you through the basics, and you can try different boards to discover which board suits you best, what size rig to buy etc.
It's actually significantly less expensive and definitely the "fast track" method to windsurifng enjoyment.
You will avoid getting the wrong board for your weight, the wrong board and rig for the conditions you will sail in most often.
Just telling you to buy a specific board, does not take all the variables into consideration.
Hope this helps,
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