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Originally Posted by Farlo View Post
Hi Sergio, you make a good point. Fanatic has quite a long history and they've tried many things already, including cutaways. Their approach today seems to be more in the combination of new materials than in drastic changes of shape. For instance their recessed deck is only one centimeter compared to Starboard's three or four. I'm curious too see how far this trend will go (reminds me of the no-nose in the 90's, although it may last longer).
Hey Farlo, (strange- tried to post response 2 time here and failed, will give it another try...)
On history thing, you can't go too far with any company since shapers move from brand to brand and take
their ideas along, but in last 10 years Fanatic design was always good but conservative, while
Star-Board innovates, comes up with something radical regularly... But it's all about personal
preference in board selection, and I know people that love their Fanatics, JP and Star-Boards, etc...,
it's all good! For me personally, after detour for few years on production side, with favorites (Isonic,Code),
I'm firmly back to customs, you can check a review of my latest toy on steve bodner blog
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