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Yes, as Roger (the forum instructor) told you it's much better to find the nearest windsurf centre. Pheraphs after some lesson with the proper wide board if you are "born to be a windsurfer" you can directly consider even a more advanced board, it depends from how quick to learn you are, and from the final suggestion of the teacher. And this way you save a lot of money, time, and frustration.
Mine would have been the suggestion for the unlucky situation you are really far from a windsurf school, in that case I wouldn't give up but I'd try this fantastic sport the same, pheraphs at least with the suggestion of a skilled windsurfer friend. That was what unfortunately happened to me; just to understand, coming from sailboats the first times I only rigged the sail over the mast without any kind of download, not bending the mast at all....
But keep with clear in mind that you could have for sure a longer time for learning, and even some mistakes to correct.
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