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I`m pretty sure sailors assess boards not always on their merits but on conditions they use them in.
How many of us have raved about some board whilst hiring on holiday to be that slight bit disappointed when on same board back home;probaly in choppy and cold water !

I know its off topic but I`ve always though Starboard would have done much better had they adopted power box for mid range boards.(Carves/Futuras etc) I dont want to start argument over PB versus Tuttle. We all know Tuttle is stronger but PB is more than adequate for most boards and sailors already had quiver of fins . I suspect ites why Fanatic have done so well with their mid range/slalom and even larger wave boards.

A mate of mine is a civil engineer and has been respnsible for some quite large bridge projects throughout world. His mantra

"Any fool can build a bridge but it takes a good engineer to only just build a bridge"
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