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8-12knots 9.8 freerace sail
12-16knots 8.2 race sail
16-20knots 6.4 freewave/freestyle sail
20-25knots 5.7 wave sail
22-30knots 5.0 wave sail

80cm wide slalom / freerace board for 8.2-9.8
66cm/110liter freestyle/freewave board for 5.0-5.7-6.4
62cm/92 liter EV0 for 5.0-5.7

this is minimum kit for most fun on lakes and in open sea. dream quiver would add one more slalom board around like iS101 and 6.7 race sail and a supercross board around 120 liters with 7.3 nocam supercross sail, and then maybe one more wave sail around 4.5 for above 30knots. but i choose to stick with 3 boards and 5 sails currently as i can convince myself that there are no excessive overlaps of kit.

i am 190cm tall, 95kg weight.
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