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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
Bet he`s not buying them like us though !!!
Not sure what this is supposed to mean ... he is 110Kg and using RDM he almost won the world speed tour, and you just said that RDMs were not good for people above 100Kg ... I don't personally care if they are or not but this is just a counterexample to show that you can happily compete at the highest level on a RDM as a heavy-weight ...

As far as the (cherry picked!) comment of the guy from ... rik's windsurfing (sic) ... sails do not rig more flat on a RDM (or fatter on a SDM, sigh ..). Sails rig exactly as they are supposed to rig by design on a specific mast, RDM or SDM. (I'll skip commenting on range ... my 6.6 GPS is very happy when people are on 4.7s and I am 72Kg).

BTW to talk of RDM vs SDM is actually silly. For optimal performance a sail should be rigged on the mast it was designed for. One should not rig a sail designed for a, say, SDM NP on a, say, SDM North. This of course, unless you want to buy a dozen of SDMs from different manufacturers and investigate which one give you more "performance"!!!!!!

Ok, off to go sailing: 20knots in the forcast!

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