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Default looking for advice buying a new board

Hi there

i have only sailed sporadically for the last 9 years, before that i used to sail at every opportunity i had. I am wanting to get back into it again and am looking at either upgrading my board or getting a board for my partner.

i have an old tiga 185 LWR from about 1994/5 (volume 116, 285 long, 57 wide) that I could upgrade, but i really don't know what would be a comparable board these days. i sail in flat water, have no problems waterstarting, planing, however have always had difficulty gybing my tiga, having more success on friends' boards.

My partner has been learning on and off on a really old bic reggae and is ready to progress into footstraps and a more enjoyable board. he is 6'6 about 90kg and a quick learner (he surfs, snowboards and used to skateboard)

could someone please advise what sort of boards would suit either of us or whether there is a board that we could both have fun on?


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