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For sure I never wanted to cause an argument between us windsurfers, I only wanted to tell what nowday few people tell, that SDM in some situations have some advantages in the most common situations for us windsurfers, that is to say free sailng in bays and lakes; for sure strength and handling in waves are best in RDM.
Davide, as I can read on the instructions booklets given with "our" (fantastic) HSM sails, JH tells that we can use on them both SDM and RDM, changing the sail response that is more steady and bump&jump with sdm and more loose and forgiving with rdm. So I simply do both things, and because of the well known lack of often wave conditions of the unlucky north east of Italy, at the end are the SDM that are mostly used: 16 days of sailing, 16 sdms days.
As told, selling the SDM I would have get 100-150 euro for three masts which had total retail price of about 1.000 euro, so choice of keeping them was obvious. And so I have a spare mast in case of a breackage.
I know that the more the time pass, the less easier is that sailmaker keep on making sail really compatible with SDM, but this imho is a mistake, as masts can lasts for 20 years and more, so this way you close the door to a lot of people wanting to learn windsurf end buying stuff used at cheap price, like on much places in the world. I don't think sending out of market the SDM would help windsurfing, imho...
HSM are really compatible with SDM, other brand's sail they tell me that trying to rig them - even stated compatible - on a SDM is a nightmare (some Simmer's f.e.). Also between my 2008 HSM the difference is noticeable, little hard with Fires, good with Smacks, very good with the Superfreak (because it's 8,0?)
So, as seems to be clear that SDMs stil their advantages in many situations and for some kind of riders, why not keeping the compatiblity? We are the ones that finally cause the choiches of the brands, so imho we have to choos brands that give this opportunity, leaving the others in the stores unsold!
BTW, unreg, I don't find real unpleasantries in Davide's words, it's simply a point of wiew.

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