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There`s no comparison between Hot Rods and any other RDM !!! (Probably Naish ?)
They are nearer in stiffness/performance than any other RDM to SDM ???
Hot Sails dont recommend any other mast apart from Hot Rod with any sail needing 460 !!(for GPS)
All other RDM`s too flexible ???(Especially in base ?)

Davide`s perference is not to RDM`s ; its to Hot Rods. !!!
All others dislike of RDM`s is not against Hot Rods but "normal" RDM`s.

Perhaps others should try Hot Rods (But they are 328 each !!! ouch) before they judge.???
Perhaps Davide should try other RDM`s before he judges others assesments of RDM`s ???

Reckon Tushingham site summed it up best ! (But thats not Hot Rods !!!)

Sailing gets more complicated every year !!!

We get further and further away from standardisation !!!

We should be able to rely on IMCS for comparison. We obviously cant !!!

Personally I have also found my RDM`s (Amex)more flexible than expected.
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