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Default RE: What planes faster...?

Hi Roger,

Thanks for your fast reply. I think she needs 6-7meters pr second of wind to get planing. She still has a lot to learn about early planing, but I think a board that gives less resistance might help.

It's the early planing she's after. When we go sailing together and I'm on my 114liter board I'm usualy planing before here even thoug I use a smaller sail than she does(if I use a 6,2 and she's on a 6,6). It seems to me that she has to use a lot of effort to get the board planing with the sails we have at our disposal.

So our main objective is to get planing with as little effort as possible. The second goal is also to get a board that is a bit more responsive to foot stearing when she gets planing, but still has good stability.

Best regards
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