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Default vote the gliding and planing

Like written on another hot windsurfing forum, I would know the opinion of windsurfers about the gliding vs planing of actual and past (not too much) boards, especially longboards with daggerboard.
I often see some longboards being sold on ebay at cheap prices, and so I dream of carrying over the roof of my car a board with daggerboard instead of my widebody flapper, so I could have the possibility of gliding even in small lakes with few knots. But I don't want to loose much planing ability. And I've see another Mistral Ventura 343 from 2009...
My Serenity is in Venice watertown so as told many times it's almost impossible to carry out.
So, what about giving votes to the boards?
Assuming that for Serenity gliding is 10/10 and planing is 0/10 and in opposite a formula board is gliding 1/10 and planing (I mean easyness) 10/10, what about other boards? I mean actual but also from the past, but not so far and with not actual devices for mastfoot and dagger. Also writing specs could help to understand if it's too much a monster board from the past. So the first from me. Hope this post may interest you.

Starboard Serenity, Sportech, 460x61,5, 257 litres, about 14 kg: planing 0/10 - gliding 10/10; impressions: nice up to 5 knots, fantastic from 5 to 10.
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