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I think that every windsurfer has gone through all the arguments posted in this thread to make up his final purchasing decision, wether to go for a freerider set or a full blown slalom set.

I had endless mind fights and sleepless nights about it.

There is no right or wrong in this matter.

In the end we all choose based upon objective and subjective reasons.

Why does one choose a "hard" Porsche in stead of a "soft & comfortable" Mercedes ?

I guess it depends on a person's nature. Perhaps it's the quantity of testosteron in our body/brain ?

I often sail in Holland on lakes next to the sea. Flat water with lots of sea wind and not too much chop. I'm glad to be on full blown slalom equipment. Am I faster on it than on freeriders ? Probably not. But it jolly feels good and I have no problems controlling these fslalom boards even in high winds.

If I'm on the sea with lots of wind, I'm on a freerider or a wave board and it also feels good.
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