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Yes, like in the UK, we don't have thermal winds. Too cold for that
In stead, winds caused by weather fronts. All directions, all forces.
Unpredictable on a long term, but not that bad on a short term (1-2 days max in advance).
Windguru is not that bad.

My best windsurf purchase ever was my trailer, 2 years ago. It carries 6 boards, lots of sails, booms and masts. When I go now to my favourite spots, I have always everything with me. Saves a lot of frustration.

I don't have much time during the week, but I think that I've had about 8 windsurfing weekends in a row containing at least 1 windsurfing day. Also the bank hollidays were generally good. It has been a good spring.

BTW, my Mistral Naish '85 wave board ain't a soft kitty neither.
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