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Talking Are Boards Like Women ?

One is best;easiest; simplest; cheapest.Most fun.But men being men we have to look for another. A faster/smaller/bigger/newer model .More like the ones in the mags ???

Two are double the cost of one with less than half the fun with either.You are already loosing out.One of them will now be too fast/small/big/new. It`s the most dangerous. You`re gonna get hurt one day soon !!!

Three is only a third more costly than two.But it`s now an obsession, a distraction, a nightmare.You haven`t a clue which one to choose and when you do its the wrong one.The best one is home.Costs are spiralling. (you now need a trailer ?) Likely as not, your best mate,the one who sailed somewhere else last weekend, is thinking of taking one of them off your hands and when he does you`ll think forever he got the best one !!!

You decide.

Belscorpio (and Ken) have at least 5 ??? (Boards that is;I hope)

Apolgies to female sailors; its having a go at men really !!!
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