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"quite technical, requires high ability and high strength"
All windsurfing is /does.(If you are making effort !!)
"but rec. FW is very easy"
"Because it's the most fun, challenging discipline windsurfing has"
"To start racing all you need to know, how to tack, basic jibes and how to use harness..."

Think thats a bit contentious;contradictory and probably plain wrong on all counts !!

Are we saying Formula is more fun than sailing Hookipa ?? Requires more strength than a wave sailor/speed sailor?? Thats why it died out in UK then?

Personally find racing around bouys a touch egotistical and pointless (there`s only one winner and a fleet of disappointed sailors (well 2 anyway nowadays) But if you enjoy it fine, but dont over promote it at cost to other disciplines.
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