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The quote I posted "quite technical, requires high ability and high strength" came from post #9. I was only mocking his statement a little, since I am 66 years old and weight 77kg and sail formula.

While formula can be extremely demanding, both physically and mentally, it doesn't have to with proper trimming and staying within one's limits. And as you said, it's the same with all windsurfing (wave, freestyle, slalom, freeride and even longboard).

Strength is no doubt an asset, but focus, skill and technique can compensate for some shortcomings in strength.

Most windsurfers aren't into racing, but when I started windsurfing (and racing) in 1984, I quickly found that "racing around buoys" was "not egotistical or pointless". Racing requires you to sail in directions and conditions that you would not normally choose if freeriding. This forces the racer to improve his skills at a much more rapid rate than the guy reaching out and back for a couple of hours.

I wanted to be a better windsurfer and racing taught me how to point high; run deep; tack and jibe quickly (at a specific point; not where it is most comfortable); maximize the efficiency of the sail & board by tuning and trimming; hover a longboard or formula board at the starting line (keeping the board in a 10 meter box in 20 knots of wind); plus many other techniques. And for me, it was and still is fun.

Comparing oneself to others is human nature, be it in the office, in your car, on the running track, soccer field, swimming pool, billiards hall, etc. etc. We all want to see how we measure up against our peers and sailing around some buoys is just one of a hundred ways we can do it. Wanting to race a windsurfer is not so unusual, is it? You too are probably involved in some "egotistical and pointless" competition on occasion, correct?
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