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Yes, I have five boards, but one is 26 years old (Superlight) and the other is 15? years old (Tiga 263). Both are kept in the garage unless I think I can use them.

You ask if I had to take two boards for a trip, which would I choose. As I said, the HiFly 105 is the most fun, but where I was going would guide me to choose. Hard to say. However, in the mid 90's I went to Maui for the US Windsurfing Nationals. I took two boards, one smaller freeride and one larger course/slalom. Big mistake! The course racing was run in 8-12 knots. I never planed. I was a longboard racer, but didn't consider taking it for obvious reasons. One guy out of 200 had a longboard and smoked everyone. The boards I had worked OK for slalom and the long distance when the wind came up, but I didn't do very well. The long distance race was from Kahana to Ho'okipa and back. I was happy to have finished in the building 20-25 knot winds in 3 meter swells (a distant passing hurricane kicked up the swells).

I am all for freeride boards, plus I think that anyone reading these forums will understand that the iSonics and other dedicated race boards are NOT for everyone. I make this point often.

Good sailing in the UK - warming up a bit I expect.
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