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Hi Ken
Its been warm but cooling down and raining loads but I`m off to France soon and then onto Kos !!! (taking only 2 boards mind!!!)(Oh and 1 wife)

Freeride V Slalom
"When one board cruises easily past another it is almost certainly due to a combination of sailor ability;sail type;size and set, and fin suitability.In our long experience of speed testing big board driven speed differences are extremely rare even between "competition" and "recreational" hulls.It comes down so much to control. Many modern freeride boards are easy to sail fast;and if you factor in boards being driven to the max with big sails and skilled sailors it should come as no surprise that fast freerides can and do compete with slalom designs.World cup history is littered with cases of standard production boards winning races."

Not my words. Lifted from Boards Mag test on fast Slaloms !!! Written by Bill Dawes

Good sailing.
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