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Originally Posted by BelSkorpio View Post
Not that long time ago, I was talking with an ex formula competition sailor.
The way he explained it, FW can be one of the most exhausting disciplines.

Often they need to carry the wide board + 12m gear (quite heavy) on very wide sandy beaches for a long distance to reach the water. Arriving at the water, already tired, heated up and full of sweat, they often encounter a strong shore break where they have to go through, trying not to drop the 12m sail into the water and manage their way to the more clean & open sea. There somtimes waits a huge swell with lots of chop, very eager to tear down all that nice but rather heavy equipment. Do you get a little bit the picture ...

Don't get me wrong, I like FW. But I've seen a competition going on at the rough baltic sea in Poland and I say "Respect, to all FW competition surfers out there !"
again, it's all about local conditions, open ocean + nasty shore break + FW (70 cm fin) - is one tough proposition, we have 1 race like that in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and it's equipment carnage, I come in hopes that conditions would be more favorable, but in 99% I don't go out, and help out others to get back to the shore... But, most locations have good, no shore break, access to the water. And you don't have to be macho - you can carry board than sail to the water...
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