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I have an IS101/2009 and I always become lyrical about this board. I just can't help it.

It is by far the best board that I've ever had, and I've had a few. (SB and others)
It's so versatile, lively, fast, easy and has an enormous wind range.

If I had to choose for a 1 board solution, I would definitely go for this one.

Because I'm 87 kg, it is not the best board in light conditions, although it planes from minimum 13-15 knots with a 7.8m. Normally in these contions I would be on my IS122 / 8.8m which is much more comfortable.
From 16-20 knots the IS101 becomes a rocket still with a 7.8.
From 19 - 25 knots I use a 6.7 sail on it and I feel like in heaven. Rock stable, fast, sharp gybes, really the sweet spot, super !
From 23 - 30 knots I can still use it with a 5.7, but then I prefer my IS87.

With your weight of 75kg, it will even be good in light winds. But be careful. It has only a volume of 97L.
Perhaps an IS111 will be better for you. Ask Ken, he's the same weight like you and has the IS111.

My experiences are on a big lake next to the sea, so fairly flat water.

I suppose that there will be some overlapping with your kombat, but the latter will be better on open sea (bump & jump),
IS87 / IS101 / RRD114 / US147

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