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hang on, i just want to get my ducks in a row.

Ken in post 11 mocks the assertion that FW is " quite technical, requires high ability and strength" and does so by offering himself as an example of a 66 year old who can handle the FW gear.

Ken then goes on to say in post 14 "If you get comfortable with 6 and 7 meter sails as your largest, the 11 & 12 meters sails do seem "giant" and hard to manage. However, once your skill level gets to the point of rarely dropping the sail, staying powered and balance while hooked in is pretty comfortable."
this contradicts his mocking of FW being quite technical and requiring a high skill level doesnt it?

Ken then goes on in post 17 to talk about his racing experience. He has raced since 1984 and got to a level whereby he can "keep(ing) the board in a 10 meter box in 20 knots of wind" on a start line.
so Ken you are a very bad example as you may be 66 but you are highly experienced and have obviously raced a number of classes with a number of different styles before arriving at Formula with a relatively high skill level.

sergiok says in post 10 "For req. use or participation in races but not expecting great results (just having fun...) all you needis basic strength and technique"
he then says in post 21 "we have 1 race like that in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and it's equipment carnageI come in hopes that conditions would be more favorable, but in 99% I don't go out, and help out others to get back to the shore" so the equipment is unwieldy and technical and requires a high skill level. Sergio freely admits that he does not have the skill level to race this equipment in these conditions. of course not everywhere is like ft lauderdale but many places are and 70cm fins and 12m rigs are unsailable in a lot of those places and very difficult in a huge number of others.

there is nothing wrong with FW but it is quite technical and it does require a high skill level and quite a bit of strength. It is an extreme( can be spectacular) version of windsurfing and has limited appeal as a racing class.
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