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I think I understand the mushroom shaped anchor idea, as it is a (good) idea to avoid the long walking to go back to the beach to have a rest; to find the anchor Ken attaches a flaoting object. I used to do the same to find the end of the chord attached to the stern of my boat, when in deeper waters, leaving one of the two sets depending from increasing or decrsing wind. Now I'm thinkin to do something to attach it no to the board but to the tip of the sail, for avoiding the board to knock in the boat and for meking visible the sail to the nasty motor boats often running too near the sail layng flat in the water surface (I fear it can happen they run OVER the sail...)
On the opposite I was planning to carry with me a micro umbrella-style anchor for long trips in my lagoon with the Serenity, but carrying it with me in a backpack or if really tiny in the drinks-strorage-box of the board where there are the heads of the fin screws.I'd have to find before something to calculate the weight of the boat (board) to width of anchor ratio.
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