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Default Feedback on partnering or replacing an ???05 Evo 74 for decent waves?


I could do with some feedback on partnering or replacing an ???05 Evo 74 for decent waves?

I???m 75-77kg, and an experienced wavesailor with the following quiver: 98L JP FSW ???05, 88L Acid ???03, 85 Kombat ???05, Evo 74 ???05

I sail Cornwall in the UK, which has decent waves, about 12 days a year and the issue I???m getting with the Evo is that in 4.5 conditions and waves from ?? mast + - the Evo feels bouncy and bit sketchy. But the key issue for me is that I find the bottom turn on the Evo is quite skatey for me in grunty waves with choppy faces. I learnt to bottom turn during a Maui winter 15 years ago (Ho???okipa, Kuau, Kanaha etc) ??? so these days when I do get to go down the line - in decent sized and punchy waves (not often enough :-( ) - I ???click??? into ???Maui mode??? and my preferred bottom turn technique is more carvey with the rig layed forward and over. I personally find the Evo doesn???t like this bottom turn style so I find I drive the bottom turn front foot powered but the rig is more upright and the bottom turn is more of a ???scoot??? than a carve. I prefer to progressively and aggressively power up the bottom turn as a high speed carve so that I can securely mow over all the chop via grip and precision and focus on the lip.

The Evo has been a wave riding revelation in slow mushy waves for ???Euro??? conditions - which I sail in about 80% of the time.

I???m thinking as my d-t-l waveriding technique is more carvy/old school that I should look at an Acid 74-ish to partner the Evo 74 i.e. Acid for rail-rail style wave riding in more powerful waves and windy/choppy side-x-off conditions vs. Evo 74 for slower mushier waves in x-on-shore conditions? The other way to look at this query is should I split the 74L volume break to into ORB/New Gen/Stubby and Traditional styles to cover the various sea states?

(This is what I have recently done with my boards in the 88-85L category as I do about 50% of my sailing on this sized board. I found the ???05 Kombat 85L a bit stiff for d-t-l waveriding in decent waves so recently picked up an Acid 88L ???03 version to be my specialist light wind wave riding board while keeping the Kombat 85 for more general sailing.)

Q: So if I don???t sail decent waves a huge amount and my bottom turn technique in decent waves doesn???t seem to suit the Evo 74, but I also sail Euro conditions a lot ??? what would be the best option :
Options are:
1. Partnering the Evo 74 by picking up a second hand Acid 74 from 2004-2005-2006 ??? which size/ year/model suggestions? - I would only use it in decent waves 12 odd times a year it would have a specialist role like my Acid 88.
2. Alternatively sell the Evo 74 and get a PA 74? ??? and frequently use the PA 74 in x-on Euro conditions and occasionally in decent d-t-l conditions.
3. Keep working on my bottom turn technique on the Evo in decent waves?

I would appreciate any advice or feedback.

Thanks for reading this far!


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