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I totally misunderstood use of anchor.Thought it was for helping rig/launch in shore break. Its simply leaving kit at anchor in calm water whilst you have a beer ??? Great idea !!! I`m for that one !!

Great thread. Nice to see folk with something to say again !!! Even if you dont agreee with it all !!

Do reckon Ken contradicts himself now and again but what he has to say is always said with enthusiasm and help in mind.
I like how he often tells us he sails in a light wind area but then tells us about 25knot boardspeeds and boards getting blown down beaches.!!!
I never contradict myself !!!!??? Honest

Still reckon all other sports are for people who haven`t tried WS.

Couldnt get Formula in my car ! Do I really want to sail in winds where Formula would shine above others ?? No not really ! I got 73 days in last year with 124 litres my biggest board !! Is Formula more technical ?? I dont think so;no more than many other aspects. (I`ve been trying to beat 40 knots in open sea for past 4 years ?? Thats pretty technical with GPS;fins;board choice;cams or no cams.Vmax 2 sec or 10. Auto time intervals or fixed; mast choice.RDM/SDM/Flex tops.VMG;best angle.Highest average? 1 hour/3 hours.Tides Down loading trak logs/filtering/spikes/arguing in pub/.List goes on and on. All aspects of WS can be as technical as you want to make them.
Or you can just go and sail.

Dont think its valid to claim one discipline is more technical/harder/easier than any other. Its up to you with them all.

Years (and years) ago I used to race Windgliders. Harnesses were not allowed. Dagger boards had to carried over your shoulder and we`d race for 1 hour in any conditions. In those days (82 ish) we`d have fleets of 20/30 easily. That was hard work but any harder than now ??? There`s only so much effort you can put in.

Good sailing.
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