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i!! every one. I was an RYA instructor many years ago. when boards were a mile long and a 18inches wide. sails with booms that never seem to come out off the water. frustrating, no good for the faint harted. or those that give up easely. you had to be nimble, agile, and determind. but O!! what fun. Me? well I was damed if I let a plastic board beat me.
I am 80years old , now live on a beach in the philippines look out onto a lovely white sandy beach, deep blue green sea and as clear as drinking water. And remember my windsurfing days , then a thought came to me , Why not what have I got to lose. Try again?
So my question to you guys and girls is should I? and what board and sails do you suggest for me to start learning over again.
As windsurfing has changed so much now. and I have not a clue.
Dont worry about my age its all in the mind. I use to be a sports coach teaching. Martial Arts. Squash. and Windsurfing. I am still fit, slim and determind.
You all have a nice day
Papa Terry
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