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The answer depends on what you want to achieve and in what conditions you will typically sail.

1. Planing in moderate winds
2. Cruising in light winds
3. Both

There are three distinct types of boards that may work for you.

1. Wide, very stable beginner-intermediate board that doesn't have a center board (possibly a small removable center fin), but can still go upwind. Probably the easiest to learn on, but not a ton of fun if you only sail in light winds.

2. Longboard with a centerboard, much like the boards 25 years ago, but wider and more stable (will also plane if there is enough wind). A better choice if you sail in light winds all or most if the time.

3. Hybrid types that can do everything, but also compromise a little on everything. Generally designed for racing and are more fragile, but they are easy to learn on, have centerboards and will plane quicker than the above two boards. Not as efficient in light winds as #2

There is a lot more to it than what I have simplified above, but some feedback from you regarding your expectations would help. Otherwise you will get a lot of different answers.
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