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Hi Terry,
While the simulator suggested by sailboarder will actually work, it's pretty "klugy and crude", not very
stable and too high off the ground.
We had the plans for a pretty good simulator here on this website at one time, so I will check and see if we can get them to be available again.
Sailboarder's suggestions on boards are pretty much "spot on", but you would need to give us more information on the windspeeds get where ever you are in the Phillipines.
I sailed there once, at the Naval Base at Cubi Point and while it was a magnificent venue, there was not much wind.
So, a Rio M would be my first suggestion, and since the wind was in the 8-12 knots range, probably a 7.5 m2 rig.
Tell us a little more about your conditions and we can refine the recommendations.
Wind velocity, sea state, on fresh or salt water, currents etc.
Hope this helps,
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